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Failure and Success

In the business world they call the people who dare to take risks ‘entrepreneurs’. They are the ones that believe in opportunities—that aren’t afraid to fail once, or twice, or even 10 times. They try again and again until they succeed.

Often, when they reach success, the rest of the world recognizes them and announces their ‘overnight’ glory. Fortunately, the entrepreneurs and those around them know better. They’ve experienced the struggle and the uncertainty during the times of trying, so they can appreciate the victory for what it’s really worth. They’ve managed to pick themselves up after each failure and try again. They do not allow failure to interfere with their dreams.

To find success and fulfill a dream, it’s important to acknowledge that failing is a part of trying. If you are afraid to fail then you’re afraid to try. In fact, it’s more constructive to look at failure as a setback, not finality. The only true failure is when you give up.