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Creating your own happiness

There are often times when you may feel unhappy or dissatisfied with your life. These feelings tend to be magnified beyond what’s real and you can wind up losing sight of the good things in your life.

Like the Sheryl Crow song says, “Its not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

You can create your own happiness and it’s not difficult to do. Most people are very lucky in their lives, despite bad things that may happen from time to time. Use these techniques to create your happiness:

* Practice gratitude. Recording what you are thankful for can make you feel pretty happy. Start by feeling lucky to be living in the developed world.

*Focus on what’s right about your life. You have a job and people who care about you, to begin with. You’ll realize that plenty of other things are right if you think about that.

*Don’t plan so many things. When you can see happy times coming, times that you will be able to enjoy, you are likely to feel joyful.

*Revel in moments of pleasure. Learn to pick out special moments and savor them. Promise yourself that you will remember them.

* Spend more time with friends and family. Good relationships with friends and family will make you feel lucky to be alive.

*Be thoughtful and kind. Acts of kindness can help make you feel good. A study by the University of Virginia shows that even witnessing acts of loyalty, kindness, or heroism elevate mood and increase the desire to do good deeds. When you see someone who needs help, you can feel lucky that you are able to provide it.