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Insights into Sales Copy Writing

Sales copy online can make or break your business. A good sales letter must lure visitors, create trust and motivate readers to purchase. You can spend millions of dollars on ads and still have low or no response. But just pay a little more attention to your sales copy and then watch the response you get to your advertisements. Here’s some fundamental rules you could apply to see some magic work with your ads:

No matter how “wow” your words are, you have to have a good product for sustainability. Keep away from false claims, over exaggerations, just put in pretty terms what your product really does and why people should buy it.· Your first copy will not be absolutely brilliant. You will have to play around with it and make changes. Test it. Ask for opinions. Select a pilot market to test effectiveness. All this takes time, hence plan well.

Follow the well known AIDA strategy [source: Strong, E.K. (1925). “Theories of Selling”. Journal of Applied Psychology] – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Your copy must grab the intention of people at just one glimpse of it. It should create an interest to probe in further. It should make the customer want to really buy the product and most importantly, now and not later!·

You should have a killer headline. It should really make the reader go over to the next line. Headline says it all. It should really be a class apart. Here is a great headline tool that I written about and use quite often. Headline Analyzer Tool-Check out the score of the headline above.