Visualization techniques for success

Visualization is a common tactic in the world of sports. When Tiger Woods is taking a long look at a putt, then stepping back for another, he’s not just looking. He’s visualizing how he’ll make the putt.

It’s often called self-actualization, painting a picture in your mind of how you will perform a sports move or a sales call. When you visualize how you will do it and how it will turn out, chances are that your vision will come true. It’s not voodoo or wishful thinking, it’s skill and preparation coming together in the way you want them to.

Making a sales presentation before an important group can be a high-stress event. Or it can turn out just as you visualize yourself performing. You will be prepared, confident, and able to answer all questions and objections.

What’s more, you’ll be having fun, cruising along and connecting with your audience the way you always knew you could, the way you visualized you would.

In their minds, Olympic divers visualize each dive dozens of times before doing it. Quarterbacks envision a long pass arching toward a receiver downfield. These pros know that their chances of succeeding are far greater if they can “see” their success

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