Creating your own luck

Does it seem to you that some people are just luckier than others? Is that just the way of the world, or do “lucky” people know something the rest of us don’t?

In his new book, The Luck Factor (Miramax), Richard Wiseman says practicing these skills will help you to be a more fortunate person:
Watch for chance opportunities. There is a certain randomness in luck. When good things seem to come out of nowhere, lucky people notice opportunities, and do what they can to act on them. You can too.

Trust your own judgment. Your hunches are usually right. When interviewing “lucky” people, Wiseman asked why they made a certain choice. They often said they “just knew” it was right.

Expect good things to happen. Positive expectations are self-fulfilling. When you believe that good things will happen, it’s more likely that they will. If you predict doom and defeat for yourself, that’s probably what you’ll have.

Stay positive, and look on the bright side. Sometimes it’s possible to turn bad luck into good luck. A person who lost a job decides to do another kind of work that is more satisfying.

But lucky people are quick to let go when a situation doesn’t work out. They know when to move on.

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